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As the owner, it is important to know that my team and I are providing the best service possible.

If you feel that your visit to us and service recieved was enjoyable, I kindly ask that you let others know about it. From our stores to sales and servicing we pride ourselves on friendly and knowledgeable service, if you require any assistance in these areas don't hesitate to call us.

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We understand that we may from time to time not always get things to your total satisfaction, if you were not completely satisfied with the service you received I would truly appreciate your feedback by submiting the form on this page. Alternatively you can call our customer care team on 01983 525410. Remember, I can only resolve issues that I know about, and if you have had any problems I will do everything to put them right.

Simon Flack | Owner

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As previously communicated your continued feedback is very important to my family business.
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About Us

We are a family owned business established over 50 years ago, and our the popular choice for many island motorists. We have built a great reputation over the past 50 years and are proud to be one of Newports busiest garages. Our success has been built on good service and our customers staying with us for a long time.

A message from the owner

I am very proud of my team the majority of which have work at the garage for many years but understand that very occasionally we may not things 100% right, if you were not completely satisfied with the service you received, please let me know straight away, or alternatively speak directly to our service team. We are the type of garage you can talk to about it. We can only resolve issues that we know about, and if you have any problems, however small we will do everything in our power to put them right. Simon Flack | Owner, Fairlee Service Station

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